“In a somewhat symbolic sense, ‘Canadians Remember’ demonstrates the power of the authenticity of the Memorial as it was a visit in the former camp that made private people undertake this fund raising. This citizens’ initiative makes it possible for many people to help and participate in the project aimed at preserving a historical place. I very much hope that this project will turn out to be successful and that Canadians will join the ’18 Pillars of Remembrance’.”- Dr. Piotr M.A. Cywiński,
President of the Auschwitz-Birkenau Foundation & Director of the Auschwitz Museum

-110,000 shoes
– 3,800 suitcases
-12,000 pots and pans
-40 kilograms of eyeglasses
-570 items of camp clothing
-4,500 original works of art

– 250 metres of shelving (including 48 volumes of camp ‘death books’)
– 248 volumes of records from the Waffen-SS and Police Central Construction Board in Auschwitz
– 64 volumes of records from the SS-Hygiene Institut
– 16 volumes of personal files on prisoners
– About 8,000 camp letters

Every one of these artifacts represents a story with someone’s family member at the heart of it. The authenticity of these items stands as a testament to the truth of the Holocaust.

Polish historians and conservationists dedicate their days to keeping these artifacts intact and available for public and academic viewing. Without their efforts, the camp would fall into disrepair, as has been the case with nearly all of the other German Nazi concentration and extermination camps.

In 2012 alone over one million people visited Auschwitz, the majority of whom were youth. The world must never forget that acts of extreme intolerance and genocide can and still do occur. Your support of Canadians Remember makes a statement that all Canadians remember the lessons of the past, and believe in a future free from discrimination and intolerance.

You can help restore and preserve the camp and keep this important and unique historical location preserved for future generations to learn about and continue to remember. Please join Canadians everywhere and donate $1 today.

The power of $1

Just $1 from 2.5 million Canadians will put our country on par with gifts from leading EU countries. Your gift supports preservation, restoration and education efforts at Auschwitz through the Foundation’s Perpetual Fund.


Who should donate

Every Canadian who appreciates the freedom and values that we as a country embrace and foster for others. Sisters, uncles, your grade 6 class, nephews, babysitters, educators, the local MP and your grandparents –everyone is encouraged to donate.


Who Gets my Loonie

"The world entire."
– Schindler's List

Every country. Generations past, present and future. All of humanity gains by keeping the history of Auschwitz-Birkenau alive forever.


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