Auschwitz-Birkenau is a symbol of Nazi intolerance. Today it is not only a historical site with important educational value, but a standing memorial to the victims of atrocities committed by the Nazis during World War II.

For hundreds of thousands of Canadians the tragedy of Auschwitz is a horror that still resonates right here in Canada. Yet millions more have only a passing awareness of one of the most shocking atrocities in human history. Canadians Remember aims to bring both groups together to leverage the power of collective remembrance: one dollar at a time. Canadians Remember is the first opportunity in five generations to enable many to make a small gesture and have a significant impact on the ongoing preservation of this historic site. Auschwitz has an important lesson for humanity that is still relevant today in countries where intolerance and prejudice is infringing on basic human rights and well-being.

Your $1 gift helps Canadians Remember acknowledge the 70th Anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz and confirms the importance of preserving this lesson for all humankind.

Anyone who has visited the Memorial has come to understand the value of preserving this historical site in honour of all those affected. 100% of every net dollar raised through Canadians Remember will be directed to the Auschwitz Perpetual Fund – a self-financed fund that will ensure that important restoration, preservation and education efforts at the camp will continue. Read more about the Auschwitz Perpetual fund at foundation.auschwitz.org.


The Auschwitz Foundation’s funding goal is 120 million euro. As of today the Foundation is just 20 million euro away from that goal. $2.5 million from Canadians Remember will assist in achieving this important goal in 2015.

The power of $1

Just $1 from 2.5 million Canadians will put our country on par with gifts from leading EU countries. Your gift supports preservation, restoration and education efforts at Auschwitz through the Foundation’s Perpetual Fund.


Who should donate

Every Canadian who appreciates the freedom and values that we as a country embrace and foster for others. Sisters, uncles, your grade 6 class, nephews, babysitters, educators, the local MP and your grandparents –everyone is encouraged to donate.


Who Gets my Loonie

"The world entire."
– Schindler's List

Every country. Generations past, present and future. All of humanity gains by keeping the history of Auschwitz-Birkenau alive forever.


Who's Giving $1 Now?

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